gen-ds-3Each child newly diagnosed with cancer at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh has the opportunity to receive an age appropriate gaming distraction. Each month, we provide Nintendo DS systems, DS games, tables, and I Tunes cards to the Child Life specialist team. For the youngest children, we offer electronic crib activities. Genre feels these games are ‘super important’ to pass the countless hours spent in treatment and transfusions. The games really are priceless.

How can you help? Please consider donating $30 packs of Itunes gift cards. We also accept Nintendo 3DS game systems and cartridges. Because these children have compromised immune systems, we are unable to accept used games.

Gift cards to Best Buy are greatly appreciated as most of the electronics can be purchased there.

The games really do matter….One chemotherapy treatment can run over five hours. A red blood cell transfusion takes around three hours. The games help the children escape what is happening around them. Games really do matter to sick kids.