Each child newly diagnosed with cancer at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh has the opportunity to receive an age appropriate gaming distraction. Monthly, we provide Nintendo DS systems, DS games, tablets, and I Tunes cards to the Child Life specialist team. For the youngest children, we offer electronic crib activities. Genre feels these games are ‘super important’ to pass the countless hours spent in treatment and transfusions. The games really are priceless.



Go Bags

Genre’s Kids with Cancer Fund provides each new cancer family with a bag to meet their immediate needs.  The bags are given to the families by the oncology social workers as they are the first point of contact after diagnosis. We deliver 12-15 bags to the social workers each month.  The bags include everything from a notebook and pens to personal items needed for mom and dad.




In 2011, we began financially assisting the neediest oncology families, at the request of the oncology social workers.  Travel and lodging expenses, fuel, utilities, mortgages, rent, food, and other immediate needs have been provided by our Fund.


Funeral Assistance

2014 was the first time that we assisted with the funeral expenses for one of our cancer kids. The parents were literally unable to bury their daughter, and we were humbled to step in and help. This is the part of childhood cancer that no one wants to talk about. Funeral expenses are the most heart-breaking part of this disease, but the need is real.

In 2017, we committed to providing $10,000.00 for our new Funeral Fund. We are hoping to partner with several companies who are willing to contribute grants towards funeral expenses. The gifted money will be set aside specifically for this purpose. If you are interested in learning more about this part of our mission, please email us at connect@genreskids.com


Mentoring & Emotional support

We are a family willing to share the leukemia journey we’ve traveled. Our story is not over yet. Where we have traveled has been very difficult but very rewarding.  We are willing to share our successes, struggles, practical advice and compassion with you.  Please use the contact page to let us know you’d like to talk.


Spiritual Support

Ours is a story of struggle and the perseverance made possible only by our faith in God.  If you are interested in hearing how we have managed to walk through every step of this disease, we’d love to share!