Thank you for helping us show love and compassion to Shelby and her family throughout the holiday season.  They were so grateful for the gifts you provided.  They were also overwhelmed by the gift of a new vehicle from the Hope Center at Cornerstone Ministries.  It will be life changing for them.  Please keep praying for Shelby as she is closely monitored after her transplant.



When Shelby was 8 years old (2013), she was having severe belly pain. Dad took her to the ER off and on for almost two years and she was treated for chronic constipation. Upon visiting another ER, they discovered a tumor via a CT scan. Shelby was diagnosed with stage 4 Wilm’s tumor.   They removed her left kidney and the tumor in January 2014. Shelby went through chemo and radiation all through 2014. She was in remission in October of 2014, but sadly, she relapsed in July of 2015. In October 2016 they removed a tumor from each lung & one in her belly. Shelby will be having a transplant in November. While Shelby was very ill, the family experienced a fire in their trailer and they lost everything. They are staying with grandparents.