Thank you to all who provided gifts for this special family.  She’s family was so very thankful for the generosity and love shown to them during this very difficult time.  They have been living at the hospital or in the Ronald McDonald House for months.  Please continue praying for Shea as she moves through her transplant.


Shea (Shay) went to the local hospital in August 2016 with a belly ache and a 105.7 degree fever. They did bloodwork and within minutes they diagnosed her with acute myeloid leukemia. She was immediately transported to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. A CT scan showed that she also had appendicitis – that was the belly pain. Shea tested positive for the FLT3 gene. It is and indicator that the cancer will be more aggressive and more likely to return. On top of the chemotherapy for AML, she is on a trial drug for the mutated gene. The docs feel the trial is working. She began her third round of 30 day in-patient chemotherapy in October.   Shay is expecting to have a bone marrow transplant during the first few weeks in December.   Because of Shea’s illness, the family has moved in with grandma. Mom is unable to work due to the lengthy hospitalizations. Dad is a former marine who is working hard to keep things afloat while Mom cares for Shea.