Thank you to everyone who chose to help Noah and his family.  Noah’s parents are dealing with Noah having leukemia. The treatment schedule for boys is 3-5 years. As if that isn’t enough, their 4 year old grandson, Gage, is fighting retinoblasroma. He recently had his eye removed. Thank you to everyone who provided for this very special cancer family within a family! They were so appreciative and overwhelmed by the generosity and love shown.  Please continue praying for these kids.


In October, Noah (13) was having back pain. The doctors thought the pain was growing pain. Dad has a history of Ankylosing Spondylitis, which is a form of arthritis that affects the spine. Because of this history, the doctors did routine blood testing and noticed Noah’s blood levels were very low. He was sent straight to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and was admitted. After a bone marrow test, Noah was diagnosed with pre-B cell ALL, which is acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Their family has been at the hospital ever since. Genetic testing still needs to be done to find out exactly which cells the leukemia affects. The family lives over two hours away and will need to travel frequently to CHP for multiple treatments. Dad’s illness doesn’t allow him to drive or work. He is on disability. Mom will be taking a leave from work to take care of Noah and home school him. Noah has a 17 year old older brother Luke.