Thank you for supporting Dawson’s family!  Your generosity made a very difficult time so much easier for this sweet family.  Thank you for your help!  Dawson is being monitored very carefully after his transplant.  Please pray for this this little boy and his family.



Dawson was born with a mark on his tail bone that looked like a blood blister. The docs were not concerned about it and said it was a hemangioma. Mom was directed to follow up with her pediatrician at the newborn appointment. Dawson’s regular doc didn’t feel that the mark was a hemangioma, but felt that it should disappear by three months. Although the mark was growing approximately 1 cm each month, the diagnosis remained hemangioma. Mom spoke with a different doctor at the nine month visit and he sent Dawson for an MRI at Children’s Hospital. The mark was now 9 cm wide. He was diagnosed with a mixed germ cell tumor in October of 2015. This disease is very rare. There are only 500 cases in the world.

Dawson’s tumor was removed with surgery but they were unable to remove enough healthy tissue around the tumor and he relapsed in August of 2016. He is being prepared physically for a bone marrow transplant and will be in the hospital through the end of the year. The family lives almost two hours from the hospital.