Thank you for taking the time to read about our Family of the Month program.  This program was formerly known as our Christmas Family Program.  Over the years, Genre’s Kids (and YOU)  helped have helped over fifty families during the Christmas season.  Together, this past Christmas (2016), we helped fourteen families!

While we have loved every minute of working with our Christmas families.  However,  the time constraints on meeting with each family in late October, putting together wish lists, making registries, allowing for purchase time, collecting/wrapping the gifts, and delivery by mid December,  were extremely intense.  During the Christmas (winter) season, many children who are fighting cancer become sick and are hospitalized.  We have been unable to meet with some of the families, depending on how serious the set-back is.

Beginning in April of 2017, we will be loving on the same number of families each year, but we will be focusing on one special family each month!


We will care for one special family every month.  The family’s story will be available the first day of each month.  We will provide the same information we gave in our Christmas Family Program.  You can read about the family and the child’s cancer journey.  We will let you know about their immediate needs and some special wants for each member of the family.

There will be a registry, maybe two, created for the family.  You’ll be able to shop online, purchase a gift, and that gift will be sent directly our Genre’s Kids volunteer.  Once the gifts have all been received by our volunteer, they will be delivered to the family, along with a meal.  The process is simple!

If this program touches your heart, please help us spread the word by sharing this program on your social media.  Please tell your co-workers, church family, and members of the various organizations to which you belong!  We have permission from the parents to share the story and photos, so no worries there.


This program was originally called our Christmas Family Program.  Since 2009, during the Christmas season, we have reached out to many families fighting childhood cancer.  The community joined us by helping to provide many necessities and special wants.

The Christmas Family Program has really held a special place in my heart. It began because I have never forgotten the first Christmas when Genre was sick.  We had Christmas Eve dinner at our home. We made Genre anything he wanted – anything that he could stand to smell and swallow.  He was bald, gray, and so very sick. He was on some of the worst drugs of his protocol.  It was time to pray and Genre said that he would like to say the prayer.  This is what he prayed, “Dear God, thank you for Jesus.  Thank you for this food and for my family.  Thank you for letting me feel good enough to eat.  Will you please help me be strong enough to walk downstairs and open my presents in the morning?  Amen.”    Those words are burned in my memory forever.  We enjoyed every single minute of that Christmas morning.  We hugged more than we ever hugged.  We snuggled more than we ever snuggled.  We appreciated God’s true gift more than any other year – before or since.  We were so thankful for that Christmas morning, as bitter sweet as it was.

It is my prayer that our Christmas families were blessed by all of this.  I hope that we eased some burden for them as they thought about Christmas.  As we move into a new chapter of giving, it is my hope and prayer that each of our very special monthly families will feel loved and uplifted when they realize how many people support them and are praying for them.

Thanks for being a blessing to these families.  God bless you and your family always. 

Daunette, Genre’s mom

(March. 2017)