Today I picked the name of my web site to be FBI. It means Firm Believer in Jesus. My friend and future wife, Breanna, gave me a hat that says FBI. I will wear it a lot when I don’t have any hair.



Today is day two. A little harder today than yesterday. Genre didn’t feel well for the first time last night. He was scheduled to have the mediport inserted this morning, along with a spinal tap. They originally cancelled the port procedure but they have since rescheduled. We are just waiting to know exactly what time it will take place.

I know that you are worried about all of us. Please know that we are SURE that Jesus has his arms wrapped around our son’s body and he is going to stay with him every step of the way! That doesn’t make this any easier, I assure you. What it does is make this bearable. We can get through anything, for any length of time, just knowing that God will heal our son at the end of this journey.

I don’t know what John, Genre and I would have done with out the help of my mother and Kaitlynn. I don’t know what we would have done without the prayers, love, and support from each one of you reading this page. I don’t know that I will ever get a chance to be able to explain what this all means to both of us. We sit and look at each other in amazement each time one of you helps us. We are surrounded by the most unbelievable circle of friends and church family. We are blessed beyond words that each one of you is our friend. Thank you and much love to all of you. Daunette